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Newest photograph of my car Tatra 613-4


Almost ten years have passed from placing last photographs, on which I brag with various improvements, of which probably the most notable was perhaps brand new upholstery in a whole car. Believe me, that upholstery is still like a brand new one, as if I brought this lovely car from the workshop of an upholsterer yesterday. Or, it just seems to me this way? Some actors always look young, it seems, that they never grow older. However, when you see a movie from the time, when they were let us say 30 years younger, then you see, that at the time, though, they looked „even“ younger. But no, upholstery looks really very nice. In September, it will really be already ten years. How the time flies. Anyhow, my Tatra is being improved all the time. The heating is working, at least one of heaters, the one in front. (There are two independent heaters, burning gas, just in case you did not know.) The other heater is now to be found in the workshop and somebody really quallified will do some work on it, so it works. It is nothing fundamental. One heater is absolutely enough, furthermore we are deep in May (now, when I translate this article, we actually have June of 2015) and we can say, that summer is comming, rather than winter. Everything is needed to be in order, nonetheless. On the photograph you can see, how my little Tatra looks now, it is her actual shape, look. (Note for English readers. The word Tatra is a feminine in Czech. For this reason I refer to my Tatra usually as „she“. This applies for the brand name. My Tatra was named (by me) after an italian count, Count Gregorio Rossi di Montelera. For this reason, I call my specific Tatra usually Count, or il Conte, in italian.) Now it is May (June as I translate) and the photograph was taken just some weeks ago. On this picture you can also see me, a crazy fan of Tatra Kopřivnice. (Kopřivnice is a town, where there is seat of the Tatra company. The company was completely destroyed by all kinds of thieves, who took, what they could have. Todays government took a big care, not to give any contracts to my beloved Tatra company and instead of them, they were buying all kinds of german cars for the government. Now Tatra produces only huge trucks.) Tatras 613-4 were actually assembled in the town of Příbor, just a few miles from Kopřivnice. It is a pity, that the new set which came into power after the year of 1989 (mostly former communicst, turncoats, who turned their coats five minutes after the fall of communism) sent Tatras mostly to junkyards and they started buying Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, (so that german workers keep their jobs and our workers could be fired with a recommendation, to become self emploed, businessmen). Anyway, on this photograph you can see, that renovation of Tatra went further, after all. Listels around windshilds are not very visible, but even from what is seen, it is recognizable, that they are nicely shiny, almost new. You can tell, that the hood (bonnet) fits very well, before, I was afraid, that while I drove the car, the hood would fly away. With the hood did lot of work, he actually played with it, a very skilled car metalworker (body worker), who even today knows, how to work with tin, because he worked once in ČSAO (Czechoslovak automobile repairshops), state owned huge car services. He worked there on general body overhauls of Tatra 613 and Tatra 603. Of course, not everything is so far the way it is supposed to be, but I am working on it. Renovation requires also some body work on the lower parts of the car, because there is some advanced corrosion, which I am going to have done this or next winter. There is no rush. As far as body is concerned or its upper part, the visible part, it was all gradually renovated. I make no secrets, that the car does not have the right, original lids, but even that will be managed. As the right time commes, I will just buy them. So far some offers were made to me, but for a very steep price. Of course, if you have any extra lids for Tatra 613-4, we can talk about it, that I buy them. We can make a deal. As the renovation continues, on these pages you will find some more photographs. Just a little detail. As you can see, the car is rather clean and even waxed and polished. It must be washed, conservated, polished, that is all time. If it was not done this way, then the paint would turn faded, chromed parts would turn dark, in short, that would not be it. I use only very good car polishes of high quality, always special for this or that part of the car. I do not take any advice from anybody, just from the people, who are veteran owners themselves, and their own cars, that is their deeds, speak for them.

The other day a man told me, that I am supposed to get me some real, original lids, I should have done a general overhaul of the engine. I tell to all of these people, if you manage to do what I have done, then come back to me and we can have a talk about that. When you look at this picture of my Tatra 613-4, then you see just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Where are all of the parking lot payments, payments for technical controls, car repairs, so that the car can pass technical control, gas. As far as gas is concerned, only to fill up the tank costs me some crowns. (Czech crown is the currency in our country.) Then you cruise a little bit and you see the finger of the fuel gauge go down and down. There is nothing over hearing the typical sound of Tatra engine, double OHC, 168 horses, 3 and half litre engine. The sound of the Tatra engine is a music from paradise for me. I have a challenge for you. Get yourself a veteran car. It does not have to be a Tatra, especially if you live in a country, which is far from us. You do someting for yourself, but you do something even for new generations, for history. Or are you just all not thinking, jeans and T-shirts wearing, hamburgers eating people, who just sit in front of a TV-set and wait, what they will show you? I hope not.

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík

In Brno, Czech Republic, 14th October 2015

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