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Photographs of my car Tatra 613-4


On these pictures you can see my darling, me and my Tatra 613.


On Sunday on the 4th of September 2005, I picked-up, in the beautiful wine-producing village of Rakvice in Southern Moravia, my Tatra 613. Tatra 613 was in the workshop of car-upholsterer Miroslav Janoušek, who produced completely new upholstery for it, that is, he covered seats whith covering fabric, laid new carpets everywhere, including the trunk and equipped the doors with new cushions. On the following photographs you can see, how my Tatra 613 looks inside today. Obviously as it is, I can recommend Mr. Janoušek to you fully.

On the following photographs you can see, what kind of improvements took place on my Tatra 613. On the first four pictures it is possible to see, that Tatra 613 received completely new tyres made by german firm Fulda. No, you do not want to know, what their price was. On other photographs you can see a small sticker on a side window which means, that the car is now equipped with a central locking system and a car alarm. (Part of the car equipment is now even a pager, which indicates to the car owner, that the alarm began to sound, in the case that the car is no farther than several hundred meters away, under ideal conditions up to a kilometer.)

On the next two photographs it can be seen, that the car is now equipped with two lighters, while one is in the front, the other in the rear. Lighter in the front is found to the right of the steering wheel, right above the radio and the one in the rear is found on the panel between the two front seats.

Being a non-smoker – I do not want to promote smoking. By no means, but one thing is sure. When you are returning back home, after a beautiful cruise in your Tatra 613, once you have visited for example some marvellous castle or chateau, to your complete satisfaction, there is only one thing missing and that is a good cigar. Nothing can replace a good cigar, whether you sit on front or back seats. Most decisevely, the driver is not the one who should smoke, only the passsengers.

It is obvious, that everything in this car must be in a complete order. On the back seats sits – as you can see on the eighth photograph – some very important person. It is not some common plush baby-elephant, as you could assume, but nobody else than Jumbo the Director General himself. It is absolutely necessary to mention, that many things are impossible to be caught on photographs. It holds true always, whether it is in the cases of things, situations, landscapes, etc. Cars are no exception. In the case of our Tatra 613 a complete engine tune-up was carried out by authorized car-service of firm Vašek in Kopřivnice, exchange of clutch thin plate took place as well as exchange of several parts connected with clutch. Engine oil was also exchanged and the car is now lubricated by BP oil of higher quality. Last but not least, I have to mention, that the vehicle received a new starter and both batteries were replaced by new ones.

In the future I would like to replace heaters in the car, so if you have brand new ones, let me know.

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík

In Brno, Czech Republic, 14th October 2015

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