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Newest photograph of Brno my hometown


On this photograph you can see the panorama of the town of Brno, as I have taken it from the Špilberk castle. Brno is the town, where I was born and where I live, my hometown. Špilberk is a huge castle, fortress, the dominant of Brno. I wanted to take the photograph of Brno somewhere from statue of the french nobleman, count des Souches, „the defender of Brno before the Svedes.“ On this place it is only very difficult to do, because of the huge growth of branches of different trees, which grow around. For this reason, there is a very bad view. I had to go little bit to the side and from there I took this picture of Brno. It is needful to say, that Brno is a beautiful city, I am a native of Brno and I was always proud of my town. Brno has always been a real Cinderella within Czechoslovakia and later on within the Czech republic. All the attention and money went always to Praha. Brno has always been some kind of a rebel. The things, which inhabitants of Brno did not get for themselves by themselves they just did not get at all.

In the czech version of this essay I speak about the fact, that today, in Brno, there are important institutions, in which many inhabitants of Praha work, who just come to Brno for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Then, they travel back to Praha (Prague). They never walk the streets of Brno, never tip any waiter. There is no need to translate it word by word, since english speaking reader does not know these persons and they are not important.

I remember people from (then) the ancient regime, who still lived in Brno in the sixties. They used to come to the riverside of a place called Riviera, where they played tennis, or just relaxed on blankets. When I collected balls for them during the game of tennis, I was glad to be in their company. They were always nice to me, gave me always some extra money, more than it was said. I tried to listen to what they say among themselves, but they spoke so soft, I heard mostly just some words, not the whole sentence. Sometimes I heard, that they spoke in some foreign language. My aunt explained to me, that it was french. These people were raised on french and to speak french was natural for them. Then the Soviets attacked us and all of these people emigrated, some of them to Israel, because they were Jews. I was sad. I missed them a lot. They were really very nice. They always had a kind word for me, a small boy who collectd balls for them. I am very against antisemities, I hate people who admire hitlerites and others like that.

Brno is comming back to its importance and its beauty.

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík

In Brno, Czech Republic, 14th October 2015

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