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About the author


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About the author

My name is Oldřich Ševčík. I was born in 1956 in Czechoslovakia. In the eightees I have lived in the United States, from where I returned back home in 1991. In the US, I have spent some ten years. I was eager to go home, after the fall of communism in my native country, but only to be very, very disappointed. The so called revolution of 1989 was a hoax. Communists just turned their coats and went on. Czechoslovakia was also split into two countries, Slovakia and Czech republic. Nobody ever asked us, the citizens of Czechoslovakia, if we want to be split. In the US I worked but first of all I studied liberal arts. I wanted to become a lawyer. This did not happen in the US, but when I returned, I started studying law school in the year of 1991 and I was graduated in 1997. I used the money which I earned in the US and I also worked, while studying law school in Brno, Czech republic. In the year of 2002, I received the title of doctor of law, of which I am kind of proud. To me a lawyer should hold the title of a doctor of law. Those, who do not hold this title, like to be called a doctor, even though they are not. Especially at courts of justice, the employees mostly speak about judges as for example "doctor So and So." I practice law in a small office, where I worky only by myself and secretarial help. I am self-employed. Since I am a great supporter of jury trial, I am very unhappy, while there is no jury trial in my country. The system, which exists in my country at courts of justice, was established by communists during their rule and it stayed that way. I studied law school in my native town, Brno. My alma mater is Masaryk university, faculty of law. Most of my schoolmates in law school were much younger, but what the heck. After completing law school I worked for several attorneys-at-law and in the year of 2006 I passed the bar examinations an was called to the bar in January of 2007. Since January of 2007 I work as a self-employed attorney-at-law. You can tell, that everything in my live I achieved the hardway. Of course, my parents died already, which means, that I do not have all kinds of relatives in high places. I was never a communist, I was never, ever a collaborator with communists. In the US I also spent couple of years in the Army and worked as a dealer of Black Jack, roulette and craps in Las Vegas, just to pay my school tuition at a local university. All of my websites I pay out of my own pocket, without any help of anybody. I own a beautiful car, veteran, Tatra 613-4, which you can see above and in other chapter. I would like to found an international jury trial supporting organization. I am against any kind of hate, racial, religious discrimination. I do not want any contact with any kind of racists, nazis and other. Read also my website, where you can see my car Tatra 613-4, where you can read and learn more.

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík

In Brno, Czech Republic, 13th October 2015

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