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Welcome to my website This website has the only purpose and that is to promote, propagate, endorse, advertise and publicize jury trial.

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I have to explain, why I wrote some of these pages about juries in English. Long time ago, I wrote some pages about juries as well as about other things on website This website is written in Czech as well as in English. In Czech, it is written for the reason, that I am a Czech and in English, it is written because I speak English a little bit and as you know, English is a language, which is well known to all kinds of nations. On website I have also some pictures of my beloved car Tatra 613-4, made in Czechoslovakia in 1992. The main goal of is, though, to speak about juries at the courtrooms, to let people know, how it is important, to have juries deciding about the guilt or innocence of the defendant. There are no juries in my country, that is in Czech republic. Czech republic was a communist country for 42 years, that is from February 1948 until the end of 1989, after the western countries sold us to Russians in war time conferences, held by the Big Three. In 1989, a fraudulent revolution in my country took place, and the communists, the lowest scumbags, who ever ruled us, together with nazis, lost their grip on power, in exchange for good positions as ministers (government officials), judges, chairmen of courts of justice, ambassadors, generals. Even the president of my country is a former communist. We used to have juries in our courtrooms, but communists got away with them, shortly after they seized power in 1948. Now, listen to this. The commies lost power, but their system of justice stayed until this very day. In my country, only professional judges decide all the cases. The defendant is almost always found guilty. When the charge is punishible with more than five years of prison, two non-professional judges sit together with the professional judge, but they are mostly afraid to say anything, they are afraid to ask questions. They are usually older people, who just sit there and sometimes even sleep. So the whole of system of justice, which was created in my country by communists stayed. The pinkos lost power, but at the courts, their system, even their rule, goes on.

I placed some articles about it on my website, but not too many people found their way to this website. One gentleman from the USA gave me an advice, to establish a website, which would have a name, which would clearly state, what its purpose and significance is. I established first of all a new website, which is a website, which is supposed to serve the people in Czech republic and is written in Czech. If you speak Czech, or if you are Czech, read this website, since it is almost entirely dedicated to jury system. Just to explain, poroty means juries. Porota means jury, poroty means juries. Poroty is the plural of porota, which means jury. For Czech speaking people it is the best chosen name, I mean But for English speaking people it is not, because this word is not even similar to the word juries. It is different. For this purpose I can not just use two different languages on the same website, but I need to have two different websites, with two different languages. I hope to get some support and help internationally. I have spent some ten years in the USA and can find better understanging with western people, than from Czechs, of whom are many former communists. Wherever you go, you find former communists. Big portion of judges are former communists. In Czech republic, I hope to find support from the young generation, which speaks foreign languages and has no experience with communist regime. We need the new generation. You can not teach an old dog new tricks. On this English written website I will inform you about the advantages of the jury system and I will ask you always to support jury system, if there is a jury system in your country. If you are against a jury system, be sure, to come to my country and I will show you something. I shall take you to some court hearings, with one judge, who is the judge and the jury all together. At this moment, I beg you, check this website once in a while and soon, you will find here some articles written in English, even though on the beginning some of them will be the same as are on website called But it is just the beginning. I want to estabish an international jury rights supporting organization, so bear with me. I am against any kind of discrimination, racism, hate. You, who support democracy, human rights, please write to me. If you are a nazi, racist of any kind, anti-Semite, pinko, or member of any kind of hate group, do not write to me. I do not want to have anything to do with you. I am not even against any kind of religion. Everybody has a right to believe, in whatever he or she believes, that is right. (It is grammatically correct, everybody is a singular form. I would never, ever say "Everybody may believe in what they want.") If somebody sends me a hate letter, I will not answer to him or her. Stay tuned, because very soon you find interesting articles on this website, stories, articles and more. Let us fight together for civil rights, freedoms, democracy, juries at the courtrooms

By the way, my name is Oldřich Ševčík, I live in the Czech republic, in the town of Brno, which is the second biggest town in my country. I have spent years in the USA, especially in Las Vegas. In 1991 I returned to my native country, went to law school, and now I practice law. All my schoolmates were much younger, but what the heck, that is life. I also have spent some time in the military, that is in US Army. I was born in 1956, I am protestant, member of Czechoslovak Hussite church. (This church is not considered protestant but reformed, reformed catholic.) This is enough for this moment, you will find more soon. Above you can see me and my car Tatra 613-4 and also my hometown.

Yours faithfully

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík

In Brno, Czech Republic, 7th October 2015

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